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 Event & Prizes

Events and Prizes Monte Carlo

We would like to inform you that electronic Casino Monte Carlo has already held an unprecedented promotional events, where lots of cash prizes, as well as various models of KIA, 1 Range Rover Vogue, 1 Nissan Pathfinder and Super Cash prizes – 50.000Gel and 60.000 Gel have been handed out. This lucky draw has rewarded many of our lucky gamblers.

Electronic Casino Monte Carlo continues to offer surprises to its loyal customers. This time, taking into consideration the request of our customers, we offer draw once a week (10×500 Gel to be won every Friday). This will increase the chances of winning for all. Plus, electronic Casino Monte Carlo offers unique opportunity to customers to win 60 000 GEL Grand cash prize fund (10X6 000Gel) and make their dreams come true.

Don’t waste any time, come visit us and attend Super Cash Prizes Festival at Monte Carlo electronic casino and earn as many tickets as possible in order to win lots of cash as well as the Grand  prize 60 000 GEL fund.

Grand Cash PrizeDrawing Event

  • 60 000 GEL 26 th May 2017
  • 10 X 6 000 Gel

Cash Drawings Event

On Fridays:

  • 10 X 500 Gel